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Quick View Frankincense, Essential Oil Roll-on

Frankincense, Essential Oil Roll-on

Frankincense Carterii essential oil is hydro-distilled from a Middle Eastern or African tree’s gum resin. It has been used for thousands of years as a spiritual incense, folk medicine, and in cosmetics In traditional Chinese Medicine, the gum resin...
Quick View Germ Fighter, Essential Oil Roll-on

Germ Fighter, Essential Oil Roll-on

It is so important to keep your body on alert for attacks against your immune system. Ward off the threats going around the office or at school by using Germ-Fighter. It can give you that extra protection you need. Plus, it smells...
Quick View Eucalyptus, Essential Oil Roll-on

Eucalyptus, Essential Oil Roll-on

Eucalyptus Globulus is one of the world’s most familiar essential oils and is widely known to help with respiratory problems. Eucalyptus Globulus is also effective as a support to aching muscles and joints from occasional overuse such a strenuous...
Quick View Defender, Essential Oil Roll-on

Defender, Essential Oil Roll-on

Help support your entire family against the threat of seasonal illnesses with the immune-boosting power of Defender. Its bright and fruity fragrance supports a healthy immune system while also uplifting your spirits with its pleasantly sweet aroma. It...
Quick View Herbal Outdoor Bug Spray, 2 oz

Herbal Outdoor Bug Spray, 2 oz

Our all natural Herbal Outdoor Spray contains plant extracts and essential oils that keeps bugs at bay. This convenient all natural spray is a witch hazel based product, offering a cool, refreshing feel without any oily greasiness. Particularly...
Quick View Lavender Linen Spray, 4 oz

Lavender Linen Spray, 4 oz

Our lavender linen spray combines relaxing lavender essential oil with soothing eucalyptus oil to refresh your clothing, linens, and upholstery. Just a spritz will create a sublime ambiance. Made in United States of America
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