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Quick View Columbian Fan Hoop Earring

Columbian Fan Hoop Earring

The Sinú (Zenú) people emerged into present-day northern Colombia. Numerous important Sinú settlements supported a large community of goldsmiths who specialized in the creation of nasal ornaments and filigree ear ornaments, in...
Quick View Cypriot Shield Earrings, Post

Cypriot Shield Earrings, Post

Our classical distinctive jewelry is inspired by the art of ancient Greece and Italy. The formal symmetry and simple elegance of classical Greek and Roman jewelry evolved during the Hellenistic period into more lavish designs. The Etruscans of central...
Quick View Cypriot Sterling Silver Earrings

Cypriot Sterling Silver Earrings

The crescent or boat shape earring has been popular in jewelry since about 2500 B.C. Numerous variations of this basic design later appeared, particularly in the countries surrounding the Mediterranean. This so called "leech" earring is characterized by...
Quick View Rihana Earrings

Rihana Earrings

The Rihana Earrings and temple ornaments were a major component in the jewelry of the Jewish bride from Djerba, Tunisia, adorning her ears together with matching necklaces. In the past it was made by a sophisticated method, apparently brought...
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