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Quick View No. 63 Men's Shower Gel

No. 63 Men's Shower Gel

Pré de Provence Aromatic, Warm and Spicy, No. 63 Men's Shower Gel. Clean up quickly with our two-in-one lathering hair and body wash. Formulated with glycerin, shea oil, aloe vera, it gently cleanses, rinses off easily, and leaves skin hydrated...
Quick View Charcoal & Anise Soap - 140g/5oz

Charcoal & Anise Soap - 140g/5oz

Purifying | Stimulating | TherapeuticOur Charcoal & Anise soap is designed to provide a deep clean. Activated charcoal absorbs dirt and oil associated with acne and problems, washing them away and leaving your skin looking fresh and feeling soft...
Quick View Big Ass Brick of Soap - Fresh Cut Pine

Big Ass Brick of Soap - Fresh Cut Pine

Duke Cannon does not require the rich aroma of a $7 cappuccino to get him going in the morning, and he doesn't need comfy fashion boots to stay "cozy." Instead, Duke Cannon finds inspiration and warmth in hard work, like a morning spent chopping wood in...
Quick View Busch Beer Soap (Sandalwood)

Busch Beer Soap (Sandalwood)

Duke Cannon's idea of charcuterie is a plate of beef sticks with a bowl of flavored tortilla chips. And then washing it down with a cold, crisp Busch Beer. And then washing that Busch Beer down with a refreshing shower that includes Busch Beer. You see,...
Quick View Big Ass Brick of Bay Rum Soap

Big Ass Brick of Bay Rum Soap

Occasionally, even the hardest working fellow could benefit from a slow day spent in flips flops and beach loungers. But when a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta is not an option, Duke Cannon's Big Ass Brick of Bay Rum Soap provides a first class ticket...
Quick View Big American Bourbon Soap, 10 oz

Big American Bourbon Soap, 10 oz

In the early days of the American Frontier, rugged pioneers indulged with a dry buffalo steak and a pull of whiskey, not a $12 appletini and plate of bruschetta. Duke Cannon honors that independent, pioneering spirit by partnering with Buffalo Trace...
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