Fiorella Witch by Joe Spencer

joe spencer

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Fiorella Witch is the Countess of her domain. She sits with a ram-rod straight back awaiting the subjects that pass through her chambers trying to extricate favors from her impressive wealth. She is dressed in her finest red gown with her most impressive neck collar, making her look imposing and regal.

Gotta love that headdress, which by the way comes off of her head for easy storage! Her sand weighted bottom makes her easy to sit on a chair or place on a countertop. The plumage that Fiorella Witch has coming out of her head in the first picture (the sticks fit into a hole in the top of her head) is how she is intended by Joe Spencer to look, however you can remove them and display her without that embellishment.
  • Size: 72"x7", 57" without headdress
  • Material: Stuffed Fabric, Fabric & Ribbon