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Quick View Sunset Paradise Mix Gummy Bears

Sunset Paradise Mix Gummy Bears

Raspberry, Pink Grapefruit & Strawberry all in one heavenly box! The daily disappearance of the sun below the horizon creates sunsets in California like no other place on earth. It's paradise. We often miss the opportunity to see the...
Quick View Strawberry Sensation Gummy Bears

Strawberry Sensation Gummy Bears

That Sensation when you pick your own strawberry's. We turned that happiness into a gummy bear, boxed it up, ready for you to enjoy year round!Picking strawberry's just North of Malibu is a local Los Angeles tradition. Using these strawberries, we have...
Quick View Golden Coast Mix Gummy Bears

Golden Coast Mix Gummy Bears

Nothing comes close to the golden coast! Fall in Love with this Gorgeous new mixed gift box! Tangerine, Mango & Peach assorted in one single gift box! Featuring Golden skies, Gold foil fruit symbols & writing, California Fan Palm trees...
Quick View Berry Mix California Gummy Bears

Berry Mix California Gummy Bears

Berry Mix - We Love berries here in California! When we set out to create gummy bears we knew we wanted a gummy berry assortment gift box! Our Berry mix gift boxes contains our Strawberry, Raspberry and Blueberrygummy bears, like a berry party in your...
Quick View Venezuela, Patanemo 70% Dark

Venezuela, Patanemo 70% Dark

NEW RELEASE! We've loved exploring the depths of Venezuelan cacao for years, and are excited to finally bring you our very first production bar from the Patanemo region! Originally founded by runaway slaves, the village of Patanemo in Venezuela is...
Quick View Bachelor's Hall, Jamaica (50%)

Bachelor's Hall, Jamaica (50%)

LIMITED EDITION MICROBATCH Back in 2014, we became obsessed with Desmond Jadusingh’s Bachelor’s Hall cacao after tasting what David considered the best chocolate he’d ever had in his life. David decided to wait until he was "good...
Quick View Blueberry Honey Waffle Cookie

Blueberry Honey Waffle Cookie

Go Dutch by splitting one of these tasty treats with a favorite someone! Inspired by the stroopwafel, a sweet sandwich cookie from the Netherlands, our version gives a Maine spin to the standard recipe with a filling made from honey and blueberry syrup...
Quick View Peppermint Hot Chocolate, 15.2 oz

Peppermint Hot Chocolate, 15.2 oz

A cool whisper of peppermint mingled in deep rich cocoa adds a touch of seasonal flavor to a traditional hot chocolate favorite. Easy to make, this creamy, hot chocolate is made from only the finest ingredients. Ingredients: sugar, cocoa, coffee,...
Quick View Cocoa Sea Salt Caramel Waffle Cookie

Cocoa Sea Salt Caramel Waffle Cookie

We want to say “dank je” (thank you) to the Dutch for introducing us to the stroopwafel, a popular snack in the Netherlands that dates back to the 19th century and consists of two, thin waffle cookies sandwiched together with a sugary filling...
Quick View Maple Brown Butter Waffle Cookie

Maple Brown Butter Waffle Cookie

Traditionally known as stroopwafels, these popular treats from the Netherlands date back to 19th-century Europe. For our modern take on this classic, thin cookies are sandwiched together with a gooey caramel sauce made with maple, molasses and a dash of...
Quick View Ecuador, Costa Esmeraldas (85%)

Ecuador, Costa Esmeraldas (85%)

Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze, 2018 This cacao is grown in the province of Esmeraldas, an area not typically known as a cacao producing region of Ecuador. Costa Esmeraldas is a family business, entirely owned and managed by the Salazar family. This...
Quick View Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce

Bourbon Pecan Caramel Sauce

O.K., we may have outdone ourselves with this one. First we carefully crafted a smooth, rich caramel sauce, added fresh pecan pieces and then just to put it over the edge, a hint of a smooth, barrel-aged bourbon. Voila! A dessert sauce to end all dessert...
Quick View Dulce De Leche Sauce, 13 oz

Dulce De Leche Sauce, 13 oz

People from the Caribbean and South America enjoy sweet, smooth, Dulce De Leche in the morning, at noon and at night. Our delectable Dulce De Leche Dessert Sauce is also a delight any time of day. Try a little in your coffee, warmed and drizzled over...
Quick View Toffee, 4oz

Toffee, 4oz

When you’d like just a little something sweet. Each 4 oz naturally gluten free toffee batch is handcrafted to perfection with rich savory butter, sweet domestic sugars, premium Guittard milk and Callebaut dark chocolates, superior quality pecan...
Quick View Ucayali, Peru 70% Dark

Ucayali, Peru 70% Dark

Late one night in the summer of 2015, we roasted a test batch from the first-ever harvest of Ucayali River Cacao. These beans came from a region of Peru not normally associated with great cacao. But here we knew we had something special, thanks to the...
Quick View Tranquilidad, Bolivia 70% Dark

Tranquilidad, Bolivia 70% Dark

2021 Academy of Chocolate Awards GOLD Winner2020 Academy of Chocolate GOLD Winner Tranquilidad is wild-harvested cacao from Bolivia and fermented by world-renowned cacao expert Volker Lehmann. The Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund had these...
Quick View Roasted Cacao Nibs Tanzania, 10oz

Roasted Cacao Nibs Tanzania, 10oz

No sugar! Use cacao nibs as a nut substitute - blend them into a smoothie, sprinkle them on ice cream or even salads! Maya Mountain Belize nibs taste a bit fruity. We like this origin in smoothies with bananas and oat milk, but feel free to...
Quick View Mint 70% Dark

Mint 70% Dark

Using our award-winning Ashanti Ghana 70% Dark Chocolate, we've added steam-distilled mint oil for a fresh mint taste that we feel is one of the best mint chocolate bars you can experience. Ingredients: Cacao, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa...
Quick View Belize, Maya Mountain, 70% Dark

Belize, Maya Mountain, 70% Dark

2021 Academy of Chocolate Awards Silver Winner2020 Academy of Chocolate Awards Silver Winner2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards Silver Winner2017 Silver Sofi Award Winner2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze Winner Over two years in the making, our...
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