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Quick View Ecuador, Costa Esmeraldas (85%)

Ecuador, Costa Esmeraldas (85%)

Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze, 2018 This cacao is grown in the province of Esmeraldas, an area not typically known as a cacao producing region of Ecuador. Costa Esmeraldas is a family business, entirely owned and managed by the Salazar family. This...
Quick View Ucayali, Peru (70%)

Ucayali, Peru (70%)

International Chocolate Awards - World Silver Award 2017International Chocolate Awards - Triple MMM Judges Award 2017International Chocolate Awards - USA Gold 2017International Chocolate Awards - Americas Silver 2017 Academy of Chocolate 2017 Gold Award...
Quick View Tranquilidad, 70% Dark

Tranquilidad, 70% Dark

Tranquilidad is wild-harvested cacao from Bolivia and fermented by world-renowned cacao expert Volker Lehmann. The Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund had these beans genetically tested by the USDA and it's been verified 97.3% Boliviano, also known as...
Quick View Roasted Cacao Nibs Tanzania, 10oz

Roasted Cacao Nibs Tanzania, 10oz

No sugar! Use cacao nibs as a nut substitute - blend them into a smoothie, sprinkle them on ice cream or even salads! Maya Mountain Belize nibs taste a bit fruity. We like this origin in smoothies with bananas and oat milk, but feel free to...
Quick View Mint (70%)

Mint (70%)

Using our award-winning Ashanti Ghana 70% Dark Chocolate, we've added steam-distilled mint oil for a fresh mint taste that we feel is one of the best mint chocolate bars you can experience.Ingredients: Cacao, Organic Unrefined Cane Sugar, Organic Cocoa...
Quick View Maya, Mountain Cacao, Belize (70%)

Maya, Mountain Cacao, Belize (70%)

Tasting notes: balance of stonefruit and chocolatey notes 2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards Silver Winner 2017 Silver Sofi Award Winner 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze Winner Ingredients: Organic cacao, organic unrefined cane sugar. Kosher...
Quick View Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania (70%)

Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania (70%)

2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze Winner 2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze Winner 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze Winner Tasting Notes:Green banana with a peppery mocha finishIngredients:Organic Cacao beans, Organic unrefined cane...
Quick View Hot Chocolate Mix, Tanzania

Hot Chocolate Mix, Tanzania

100% Vegan, only two ingredients - cacao powder and the same organic unrefined cane sugar we use in our bars! Add your favorite milk - be it dairy, oat, soy, almond, or any other you wish, and 1oz of our mix, and you too can enjoy our hot chocolate at...
Quick View Ashanti, Ghana (70%)

Ashanti, Ghana (70%)

2019 Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze Winner 2018 Academy of Chocolate Awards Bronze Winner Ashanti is a cocoa growing region of Ghana that has been plagued with slave labor and poor prices for farmers. Thanks to the organization at COCOBOD in Ghana,...
Quick View Ashanti Ghana (100%)

Ashanti Ghana (100%)

Tasting notes: brownie crust, graham cracker  With only 1 ingredient, this is the purest form of Ashanti Ghana we’ve ever made. Ingredients: Cacao Kosher Information: Parve
Quick View Amaranth Crunch (70%)

Amaranth Crunch (70%)

Think of it as a grown up, healthier version of that certain crunch bar you grew up with. Using our award-winning Ashanti Ghana 70% Dark chocolate as the base, our Amaranth Crunch Bar features air-puffed naturally gluten-free Amaranth and a touch of...
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