Christmas Holiday

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Quick View Nisse Gnome Rudy

Nisse Gnome Rudy

Gnome, sweet gnome. Nisse Gnome Rudy is a thoughtful fellow, with a tousled cream beard, bobbly nose and great big cherry-red hat. Wearing a robe of soft grassy green and groovy red slippers with funky toes, this nature nerd adores the outdoors...
Quick View Nisse Gnome Noel

Nisse Gnome Noel

Rambling round the roses! Nisse Gnome Noel is splendidly squat, with a rumpled mossy hat and a long scruffle beard. This button-nosed buddy has a rich red tunic and curly-toed leafy shoes. Hobbies include birdwatching, fishing and skipping round and...
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