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Quick View Paris - Blue Cypress & Absinthe

Paris - Blue Cypress & Absinthe

Niven Morgan’s Paris candle transports you to the intimate Hemingway bar in the Ritz, where you sip absinthe, eavesdrop on conversations in a half-dozen languages, and fall in love with Paris all over again. 11 ounces | Approximately 60 hour burn...
Quick View London - English Rose Niven Morgan

London - English Rose Niven Morgan

Cottage, country manor or Hyde Park, gardens are a national passion of the British. Niven Morgan’s London candle takes you on a ramble through an English rose garden in full bloom. 11 ounces | Approximately 60 hour burn time
Quick View Lavender Mint Niven Morgan Candle

Lavender Mint Niven Morgan Candle

Invigorate your senses with our Lavender Mint. Relax, breathe and enjoy this unique herbal blend. Fresh, cool mint is blended with lavender, clary sage, and spearmint to evoke an uplifting and aromatic scent. 11 ounces | Approximately 60 hour burn time
Quick View Cost Rica - Fern & Orchid

Cost Rica - Fern & Orchid

Mister Morgan's Costa Rica candle is a fresh scent of fern, sea salt and blooming orchids. The intoxicating aroma emulates the adventurous spirit found in this Central American country renowned for its golden sandy beaches and lush jungles.  Dark...
Quick View Capri - Limoncello

Capri - Limoncello

Mister Morgan's Capri Candle is reminiscent of a fragrant grove of lemon trees and their freshly-picked bounty. Capri is an Italian Island paradise of welcoming locals and electric blue grottos where limoncello flows days and night.  Dark Navy Glass...
Quick View Cape Town - Ebony Wood

Cape Town - Ebony Wood

Graced by the majestic beauty of Table Mountain, Cape Town is an intoxicating mixture of history, art and cuisine. A Diverse and vibrant culture - the gateway to adventure. Niven Morgan's Cape Town candle is a sultry blend of ebony wood, patchouli,...
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