Crystal & Blown Glass

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Quick View Faceted Crystal Garland

Faceted Crystal Garland

This crystal garland is made of high quality and real crystal glass bead, and it presents brilliant faceted edge to catch the light, sparkle like diamonds in the light or good lighting. All these crystals held together by metal rings, which make is easy...
Quick View Hand Blown Glass Heart

Hand Blown Glass Heart

Give someone your heart. This is the most wonderful and unique one-of-a-kind keepsake.  Honor someone alive or who has passed away.  This heart is forever! These 3 inch small hearts have a small loop in the top making them easy to hang...
Quick View Penelope Lead Free Crystal Bowl

Penelope Lead Free Crystal Bowl

These Mouth Blown Polish Penelope Bowls Are 6 Inches In Diameter And Prove Good Things Come In Small Packages. The Penelope Bowls are made with two layers of glass - one clear and one in color inside the clear layer. The two layers result in a heavy...
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