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Quick View Inkblot, Sketchbook

Inkblot, Sketchbook

Capturing the flavour of finely wrought Renaissance-style leather bindings, Inkblot pays homage to the craft of delicate gold tooling, originally brought to Europe via the flourishing trade routes to the East. The timeless beauty of an antique leather...
Quick View Floral Stitched Notebook Set, Set of 3

Floral Stitched Notebook Set, Set of 3

Never lose track of ideas with this set of notebooks, which are the perfect size for tucking into bags, backpacks, and back pockets. Best of all, you can choose between different fun florals and colors! There's nothing generic about Rifle Paper Co...
Quick View Rifle Paper Spiral Notebook

Rifle Paper Spiral Notebook

Hit the books with our new softcover spiral notebooks, featuring full-color covers with gold foil accents, printed on a heavy-weight textured paper. The notebook has 150 ruled pages, a sturdy double-spiral binding, and pockets for extra storage...
Quick View Every Kindness Matters Journal

Every Kindness Matters Journal

Illustrated by Vikki Chu With hand-painted elephants and textured foliage throughout, this journal is a celebration of compassion and the goodness it ushers into the world. Our softcover Write Now Journal line features beautiful designs, modern...
Quick View Life Is To Be Enjoyed Journal

Life Is To Be Enjoyed Journal

“LIFE IS TO BE ENJOYED.” —ALFRED A. MONTAPERT Designed and Illustrated by Jessica Phoenix Good food, good friendships—raise a glass to every good thing! Inside this wine-themed journal you’ll find vibrant illustrations and...
Quick View Write It Down, Let It Go Journal

Write It Down, Let It Go Journal

Writing down worries is a recognized therapeutic technique for relieving stress and anxiety. This inviting journal encourages users to record worries on one page ("write it down") and then use the opposite page to reframe anxious thoughts into positive...
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