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Quick View Yummy Bunnies!

Yummy Bunnies!

Cosy, rosey, and posey! Yummy Bunnies have terrifically tumbly two-tone fur, a little white cottontail, and is as beautiful and soft as a cloud. A precious pal for little paws.Measures approximately 4"W x 6"H SAFETY & CARE Tested to...
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Bashful Lamb

This fleecy little lamb is three bags full of cuteness! Tumbly-bumbly, creamy and cuddly, Bashful Lamb has gotten all dizzy! Her dreamily soft buttercream fur and flopsy ears are irresistibly scrummy - no wonder she’s such a loveable baby!Measures...
Quick View Bashful Spring Bunnies!

Bashful Spring Bunnies!

$17.50 - $190.00
Hopping through the orchard!A Bashful Bunny a day keeps the blues away! These funky, fruity friend have the zingiest fur, with chunky paws and waggly ears. A contrast white bobtail and suedey pink nose set off their gorgeous hues. A cheery...
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