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Quick View Sandalwood Explorer Soap Set, 3 piece

Sandalwood Explorer Soap Set, 3 piece

This set celebrates the spicy, woody fragrance of sandalwood in three different expressions. Woodgrain Sandalwood is our iconic version, rich and deep. Centuries Sandalwood is a modern update, warm and intoxicating. And Tricorn, a sophisticated blend of...
Quick View Presidential Soap Set, 3 piece

Presidential Soap Set, 3 piece

Cleansing, moisturizing, and beautifully fragranced, this set lets you try the favorite scents of three American presidents. George Washington delighted in our Number Six cologne, a complex citrus scent introduced in 1772. Dwight Eisenhower so loved...
Quick View Aroma Shower Steamers

Aroma Shower Steamers

Relax in a refreshing shower, as essential oils fill the air and invigorates your senses.Scents: Eucalyptus & Mint Lavender & Lime Water Lily & Linen Champagne & Rose Peppermint & Rosemary - Seasonal Happy...
Quick View Lavender + Rosemary

Lavender + Rosemary

$10.50 - $45.00
Soothing | Refreshing | Relaxing BATH BOMBHand packed hydration. Each of our Buck Naked bath bombs scent has been designed to set a particular mood and create a calm and luxurious experience. Traditional and contemporary, Lavender + Rosemary bath...
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