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Quick View Pterodactyl, Medium

Pterodactyl, Medium

Prepare to take to the skies with the Pterodactyl, one of the most unique creatures to have ever roamed the earth! Unlike other dinosaurs, Pterodactyls were flying reptiles, with leathery wings spanning up to 33 feet. These prehistoric creatures lived...
Quick View Blue Jay, Small

Blue Jay, Small

Studies show Blue Jays remember human faces, and if the birds take an interest in you, they might follow you around.Cousins for life! It’s sometimes hard to conceptualize that Crows are in the same larger family as Blue Jays but...
Quick View Frog, Small

Frog, Small

Frogs can forecast good weather by climbing the ladder and bad weather by descending back into the water. Frogs are weather experts. As their skin, frogs and toads have a moist and permeable skin layer covered with mucous glands. They are able to breathe...
Quick View Flamingo, Small

Flamingo, Small

Flamingos are the epitome of elegance and grace! These tall and slender birds are known for their vibrant pink feathers, long legs, and curved beaks. Found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, flamingos can often be seen standing on one...
Quick View Cricket, Small

Cricket, Small

Can you hear that? The Cricket is here! These fascinating insects are known for their chirping sound, made by rubbing their wings together. With their long antennae and powerful legs, crickets are agile creatures that can jump up to three feet in a...
Quick View Sun & Moonlight, Sketchbook

Sun & Moonlight, Sketchbook

Leonardo da Vinci’s (1452–1519) sketches and notes allow us to peer into the mind of a genius. This Sun & Moonlight design features Da Vinci’s observations on the light of the moon relative to the radiance of the sun...
Quick View Inkblot, Sketchbook

Inkblot, Sketchbook

Capturing the flavour of finely wrought Renaissance-style leather bindings, Inkblot pays homage to the craft of delicate gold tooling, originally brought to Europe via the flourishing trade routes to the East. The timeless beauty of an antique leather...
Quick View Live In Full Color, 12 Pencil Set

Live In Full Color, 12 Pencil Set

These colored pencils will bring an added dash of creativity and inspiration to your desk. Housed in a modern tin box with a stylish design, the set contains 12 double-sided triangular pencils for 24 colors for drawing, doodling, and sketching. Made of...
Quick View Scented Glitter Gel Pens, 12 ct - Yummy

Scented Glitter Gel Pens, 12 ct - Yummy

Scented gel pens are what's in! Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens are glitter gel pens that are fruit scented. Comes with 12 smelly gel pens. Same great pen with a brand new look 12 Different colors & scents Glitter ink Acid free inks 1.0 mm...
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