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Quick View Triple Fudge Brownie Mix

Triple Fudge Brownie Mix

Our Triple Fudge Brownie Mix makes deliciously dense brownies filled with chocolate, cocoa, chocolate chunks and chocolate liqueur. Easy to make with just a few common pantry items, these delectably moist and chewy brownies are sure to satisfy the...
Quick View Chocolate Doughnut Mix

Chocolate Doughnut Mix

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Enjoy making wonderfully light, mouth-watering, chocolate-frosted, chocolate doughnuts at home anytime. With just a few pantry ingredients, these doughnuts are baked and not fried so there's less mess and less fat. Simply delicious and ready in minutes...
Quick View Dark Chocolate Torte Mix, 14.5 oz

Dark Chocolate Torte Mix, 14.5 oz

Chocoholics, rejoice! This mix features several types of chocolate that, when combined with eggs and butter, transform into an intensely fudgy, decadent treat. Made without flour so it is naturally gluten free, the finished torte is both elegant enough...
Quick View Cinnamon Bun Mix, 19.6 oz

Cinnamon Bun Mix, 19.6 oz

The aroma of our tasty Cinnamon Buns baking in your oven will fill your kitchen with the warm, homey scent of sweetness and spices. Captivating all who encounter it, you can be certain that everyone wakes up on time. Makes 6...
Quick View Vanilla Bean Honey (9 oz)

Vanilla Bean Honey (9 oz)

We have done the impossible... improved on nature itself.  We blended the best vanilla on the planet with sweet honey from the high mountain valleys of Utah, to make a truly delectable treat. Try our Mexican Vanilla Bean Honey on toast, scones,...
Quick View Vanilla Bean Paste (8 oz)

Vanilla Bean Paste (8 oz)

Just one tablespoon of Mexican Vanilla Bean Paste provides your recipes with the flavor comparable to a whole vanilla bean.  This paste not only gives your recipes a rich and concentrated vanilla flavor, but it has the vanilla "caviar" seeds that...
Quick View Mexican Vanilla Beans

Mexican Vanilla Beans

These Grade A Mexican vanilla beans are over 6 inches long, are super rich and supple, and carry an amazing aroma. Rich and smooth with subtle tones of smoke characterize the flavor of these premium Mexican Vanilla Beans. Perfect for many baked goods, so...
Quick View Blueberry Scone Mix, 14.3 oz

Blueberry Scone Mix, 14.3 oz

$6.90 On Sale
It's easy to whip up some instant satisfaction with our delicious Blueberry Scone Mix . They cook up fluffy, buttery tasting and blueberry filled. A great way to bring a morning smile to friends and family. Don't forget our Wild Maine Blueberry Jam to...
Quick View Lavender Salted Brownie Kit, 2 pieces

Lavender Salted Brownie Kit, 2 pieces

Your Chocolate Brownie is in my Lavender Flower Sea Salt!  When the brownies come out of the oven, sprinkle the lavender salt over the top.  Then cut a big piece...or two!At last! A gluten free brownie that is chocolaty, rich and chewy! If...
Quick View Sweet Hibiscus Laguna Salt

Sweet Hibiscus Laguna Salt

Sweet Hibiscus Sea Salt:Get ready to be amazed when you experience the effect our Sweet Hibiscus Sea Salt has on your favorite foods. Much like its namesake, this salt will surprise you with its vibrant red hue and sweet floral undertones. Its bold color...
Quick View Lavender Flower Laguna Salt

Lavender Flower Laguna Salt

Lavender Flower Sea Salt: Pure, crisp Sal Laguna Sea Salt is infused with a delicate blend of Lavenderto create a soft, subtle salt that is sure to leave you craving more. This aromatic salt is as versatile as it is delicious! Suggestions: Great for...
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