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Quick View Pandora Pixie

Pandora Pixie

Cheeky but charming! Pixies come in all shapes and sizes, and Pandora Pixie loves to stand out! A fuzzly friend in raucous red floof, with big waggy ears and sweet suedey horns, Pandora's a strawberry scamp! With bobble-toe boots, funky cream fangs and...
Quick View Viggo Mammoth

Viggo Mammoth

Mighty chilled! Viggo Mammoth might come from the Ice Age, but his squidgy tummy is a lovely warm grey. Viggo has a fleecy hairdo, rumpled ears and flopsy legs, with a wiggly trunk, huge swooping tusks and suedette nails to match!Measures approximately...
Quick View Santa Ricky Rain Frog

Santa Ricky Rain Frog

Let it rain! Let it rain! Let it rain!Don’t be fooled by that frown, Santa Ricky Rain Frog is super excited for Christmas! Snuggly soft in pea green fur, Ricky has found a snazzy Santa outfit for the festive season, complete with bobble-tipped...
Quick View Jolly Santa

Jolly Santa

Look who's coming to town! Jolly Santa is ready for Christmas Eve! With a rich berry coat and matching hat, fluffy cream cuffs, a snowy pompom, charcoal boots and a soft gold belt buckle, Santa's ready to fly!Measures approximately: 4"W x...
Quick View Caractacus Chameleon

Caractacus Chameleon

Too cool to camouflage. Caractacus Chameleon is one bold character, with big meringue eyes and a mesmerizing expression. This zany lizard has tiny arms, a corkscrew tail and knobbly toes. With lime and avocado fur, Caractacus isn't too good at...
Quick View Stellan Sabre Tooth Tiger

Stellan Sabre Tooth Tiger

Stellan wore fangs before it was cool. Stellan Sabre Tooth Tiger might have claws and long teeth, but they're actually beautifully soft! A cinnamon dandy with silky tufts, huge trumpet paws and a long, snuggly tail, Stellan has timeless charm.Measures...
Quick View Gomez Gorilla

Gomez Gorilla

Bringing silverback. Need heavyweight hugs? Gomez Gorilla has got you. This great ape has great long snuggling arms, covered in inky, silky fur, with grey stitch suedette hands and feet, a piping mouth and a bold furrowed brow. Curl up with Gomez...
Quick View What I Like Safari Story Box Set

What I Like Safari Story Box Set

The What I Like Safari Story Box contains eight two-sided animal characters and a 3-D pop-up safari landscape. Combine all the animals together to create a Safari themed rhyme across all the characters. Each character teaches reading, animal...
Quick View Finley Bear

Finley Bear

Taking a stroll in the woods!Finley Bear is one tussly grizzly, with rumpled, ruffled milk-chocolate fur! Big squashy paws and a cocoa nose help this cub trundle right through the woods! Hibernate with this tousled teddy for happy dreams of forest...
Quick View Andy Axolotl

Andy Axolotl

An axolotl makes a lot of mischief! Andie Axolotl is a bold and bubbly scamp who loves to paddle in the river with those big bobbly feet! This funky blue friend comes from Mexico and rocks a rainbow of tufts in electric purple, green and indigo! From...
Quick View Cream Bunny

Cream Bunny

$15.65 - $105.00
Cloudy-soft snuggles and lazy picnic times.Bashful Cream Bunny’s gorgeous long ears look like two big dollops of clotted cream. Mmmm! Time for scones and a hippity-hop on the grass! With a bunny pal as soft as butter icing, summer days are so...
Quick View Dad By My Side

Dad By My Side

A heartwarming celebration of the special relationship between a father and daughter from Instagram sensation Soosh.Whether they're playing make-believe, making you smile, or warding off monsters under the bed, dads are always there when you need them...
Quick View Onyx Dragon

Onyx Dragon

$32.50 - $120.00
Just the companion for flights of fancy!Onyx Dragon is a liquorice lovely with a tubby tum of soft black fur. With sparkly ears, spine, wings and tail dart, this dreamy dragon glitters and shimmers! Onyx is ready for a magical holiday, with fairy tales,...
Quick View Crayons, Brilliant Bee

Crayons, Brilliant Bee

$11.75 - $20.75
Brilliant Bee Crayons are bright, vivid and triangular shaped crayons for a comfortable grip and smooth coloring. Ergonomic crayons Choose either 12 or 24 colors Triangular ergonomic shape Writes on black paper Reusable case Suitable for ages 3 and...
Quick View Milo's Monster

Milo's Monster

Milo loves spending time with his best friend, Jay. But when a new girl named Suzi moves in next door, Milo starts to feel left out. The jealous feeling gets stronger and stronger--until suddenly, a GREEN-EYED MONSTER pops up beside him! Soon, the...
Quick View The Wishing Balloons

The Wishing Balloons

A young girl named Dot is overjoyed when the moving truck arrives at the house down the street, and even more excited when a boy her age steps out, offering the prospect of a new friend.But Albert looks sad, and he won’t reveal why. After many...
Quick View Adon Dragon

Adon Dragon

Resting on a cloud, dreaming of gold. Adon Dragon loves to daydream, with sleepy eyes and a goofy grin. This mossy dragon has soft winged ears, a long spined tail and chunky toes, with sage suedette wings, horns and tummy, all stitched with careful...
Quick View Bryno Dino

Bryno Dino

Got any leaves? Bryno forgot his lunch. Take a seat next to Bryno Dino and watch the world go by. This apple-green dino is bold and eccentric, with a bobbly brow, knobbled nostrils, suedette tusks and huge squashy feet, not to mention that wedge tail...
Quick View Smudge Elephant Ring Rattle

Smudge Elephant Ring Rattle

Soft and soothing, this doughnut-shaped rattle has a gentle jingling tum! Take this cuddly elephant along for buggy adventures! Suitable from birth Hand-wash only; do not tumble dry, dry clean or iron. Not recommended to clean in a washing machine...
Quick View Rub-a-Dub Dinos! Color Magic Bath Book

Rub-a-Dub Dinos! Color Magic Bath Book

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the unique illustrations that bring this bath time book to life.Take bath time fun to the next level: The Rub-a-Dub Dinos! Color Magic Bath Book from Mudpuppy is sure to keep babies and toddlers entertained during bath...
Quick View Fluffinstuffin


$10.99 - $18.99
A pair of unforgettable siblings teach the lesson of courage through adversity. Fluffinstuffin is the delightful tale of a group of birds who live in a town where it was decided that flying is much too dangerous and scary. Told in a whimsical...
Quick View Can You See It? (Sensing Your World)

Can You See It? (Sensing Your World)

From bestselling author Susan Verde comes a new series exploring the five senses through a mindfulness perspective, highlighting how they allow us to appreciate the world around us When I am busy—moving through my day, watching where I...
Quick View The Pumpernickel-Daffodil

The Pumpernickel-Daffodil

A misfit pup faces his first competitive dog show in this heartwarming and hilarious tale about family, friendship, and being yourself, from the author-illustrator of I Am a CatWodehouse Chili Pepper Pumpernickel the Third has an important family: His...
Quick View Lavender Dragon

Lavender Dragon

$32.50 - $120.00
Wake me up when it's quest 'o' clock!Fabulous flapper Lavender Dragon is just so sleepy after zooming through the sky! This lollabaout legend has sterling rose-lavender fur and sparkling lavender-silver wings, ears and spines! With chunky...
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