Flying Edna/Brian Andreas

Flying Edna/Brian Andreas

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Quick View "A Short While" Print

"A Short While" Print

"standing there in the wind & the sound of the trees, remembering she is here with all of it for only a short while" 8" x 10" Print Art & story created by Kai on 26 November 2021
Quick View "Deep Roots" Print

"Deep Roots" Print

"With roots deep in the land & hands dusted with flour, she stood in the kitchen light & generations of love gathered around her..." 8" x 10" print Story written by Fia in 2020. This...
Quick View "Good Behavior" Print

"Good Behavior" Print

For all of us who are learning better behavior from our dog friends... "Convinced that being on good behavior is useful, as long as there are still treats in the room" Text in box: best dog...
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