Coffee, Tea, Jam, + Honey

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Quick View Hazelnut Fig Biscotti Crisps

Hazelnut Fig Biscotti Crisps

To create our delightfully crunchy crisps, we took cues from classic Italian recipes. Twice baked just like traditional biscotti cookies, these bites are packed with hazelnuts and dried figs for a subtle sweetness that pairs perfectly with your favorite...
Quick View Holiday Pumpkin Butter, 9.3 oz

Holiday Pumpkin Butter, 9.3 oz

Special Edition Pumpkin Butter was designed as the ultimate gift for the holidays! Seasonal Pumpkins, maple syrup, and apple cider are uniquely combined to celebrate the golden flavors of Vermont fall. A creamy pumpkin butter delight, perfect stirred...
Quick View Spiced Plum with Port

Spiced Plum with Port

Created with award-winning cheese makers Jasper Hill Farm, this elegant spiced, luscious preserve is composed of juicy plums slowly simmered with raisins, a rich tawny port, apple cider vinegar and anise. Perfect for pairing with the very best blue...
Quick View Naked Peach Spread - No Added Sugar

Naked Peach Spread - No Added Sugar

Exquisitely ripe, these succulent peaches have an acidic tang coupled with a naturally sweet and light floral taste. This delightful preserve offers a smoothness to the palate and is packed with the robust flavor this vibrant fruit carries. Stir with a...
Quick View Wildflower Honey Maple Syrup, 8.45 oz

Wildflower Honey Maple Syrup, 8.45 oz

Maple and honey are on equal footing in this sumptuous new release from Runamok. Brown sugar notes of maple swirl with delicate caramel flavors in honey to create the perfect syrup that has the best of both. Unapologetically sweet, it is the perfect...
Quick View Vanilla Bean Honey (9 oz)

Vanilla Bean Honey (9 oz)

We have done the impossible... improved on nature itself.  We blended the best vanilla on the planet with sweet honey from the high mountain valleys of Utah, to make a truly delectable treat. Try our Mexican Vanilla Bean Honey on toast, scones,...
Quick View Caramelized Onion Savory Jam, 10oz

Caramelized Onion Savory Jam, 10oz

Caramelized onions carry this specific rich sweetness and remarkable aroma. We cook it with a selection of spices and brown sugar for its molasses content that will complement those initial onion flavors. It will transform any savory dish into an...
Quick View Wild Blueberry with Lavender Jam, 10oz

Wild Blueberry with Lavender Jam, 10oz

Wild blueberries are cooked in our house made lavender-infused syrup to create a very special botanical jam that balances the flavors of the finest tart berries with a heady aromatic finish for a very refined jam. Non-GMO | Gluten Free | Kosher | Vegan |...
Quick View Roasted Garlic Savory Jam, 10oz

Roasted Garlic Savory Jam, 10oz

The characteristic pungent flavor and natural spice of garlic mellows down and sweetens when simmered with our very own spice blend, revealing an exuberant umami flavor. Naturally a food preservative, garlic also carries an incredible fragrance. If...
Quick View Meyer Lemon with Honey, 10 oz

Meyer Lemon with Honey, 10 oz

Sweeter and less tart due to its Meyer heritage, this marmalade, infused with clover honey, creates a deliciously gold-toned fragrant treat. Renowned for their delicate rinds and exquisite floral aroma, this variety is packed with hand-cut, soft and...
Quick View Fresno & Thai Chili Jam, 10 Oz

Fresno & Thai Chili Jam, 10 Oz

Featuring fresh locally grown organic Fresno chili peppers from Honey Field Farm and a hint of Thai chili peppers for extra heat, we cook these specialty peppers with apple cider vinegar, a little pure cane sugar for just a touch of sweetness, and...
Quick View French Onion With Rosemary

French Onion With Rosemary

Inspired by the rich, decadent flavors of a classic French Onion Soup, we cook onions overnight with brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, rosemary, and toasted caraway seeds for a uniquely “nutty” taste, and then finish the next day with a...
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