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Quick View Floral Picnic Tote for Two

Floral Picnic Tote for Two

Introducing our Canvas Picnic Tote for Two, the epitome of elegance and convenience. Crafted with ample space for dishes, utensils, glasses, and a wine bottle, it ensures a luxurious outdoor dining experience. Adorned with delicate Delph blue and ivory...
Quick View T-Rex Multi-Tool

T-Rex Multi-Tool

The T-Rex keychain multi-tool fits perfectly in a credit card sleeve of your wallet. Tools make cool mens, womens, husbands, wife, boyfriend, and girlfriend gifts -- maybe even the nanny. Perfect for Hiking or Camping.  Size: 4"L. x 2.5"W...
Quick View Pirate Multi-Tool

Pirate Multi-Tool

The Pirate Multi-tool is the tools for the job. Handy for when you have common day-to-day jobs, and is small enough to have with you wherever you go. Keep it on your keychain, in your wallet, or in your glove compartment. Tools make cool mens, womens,...
Quick View Pampered Pet Pots

Pampered Pet Pots

Introducing our charming ceramic house planter pots, a delightful blend of whimsy and nature. Choose between an endearing cat or a lovable dog design to bring joy to your green space. Perfect for small plants, these pots add a touch of playfulness to any...
Quick View Thank You Flower Garden

Thank You Flower Garden

French Dwarf Sunflower {Helianthus annuus} - A complete garden to grow beautiful dwarf sunflowers. Considered an essential easy-to-grow flower, sunflowers symbolize happiness and gratitude. The perfect Thank you. Sunflowers symbolize happiness and...
Quick View Natural Insect Repellent, 4 oz

Natural Insect Repellent, 4 oz

Our Natural Insect repellent will keep those pesky mosquitos, gnats and noseeums away so you can actually enjoy being outdoors again. Contains NO DEET and no harmful chemicals, so it's just as safe to use on your infant as it is on your grandma...
Quick View Liberte Porcelain 3.25" Pot And Saucer

Liberte Porcelain 3.25" Pot And Saucer

Sometimes it pays to be drunk. Todd was having dim sum in Chinatown up in Toronto at 4:00am, let’s be honest, he’d had a lot to drink. He was looking at all the dishes and realized they would be cool pots. Sober, he designed 8 of them, made...
Quick View Wildflower Garden Sprinkles

Wildflower Garden Sprinkles

Our version of a seed packet, but in a reusable tin made from recycled US steel. This Wildflower mix contains 14 of nature's most beautiful flowers with a variety of splendid colors, shapes, and sizes. The flowers will make wonderful cut flowers for...
Quick View Butterfly Garden Sprinkles

Butterfly Garden Sprinkles

The Butterfly mix contains nineteen varieties of flowers noted for their beauty and ability to attract butterflies. This kit also contains two varieties of milkweed which is critical for Monarch caterpillars feeding and survival.  This kit also...
Quick View Lavender Garden Sprinkles

Lavender Garden Sprinkles

Lavender {Lavandula angustifolia} The leaves are intensely aromatic right from the start and said to have a relaxing effect. The flowers are edible and can be used raw in salads, added to stews, used to season cookies, ice cream, candied or even brewed...
Quick View Hummingbird Garden Sprinkles

Hummingbird Garden Sprinkles

Our version of a seed packet, but in a reusable tin made from recycled US steel. The Hummingbird mix contains 17 varieties of sweet nectar producing wildflowers in many different shapes and sizes. Lovely shades of pinks, reds and purples that naturally...
Quick View Joy Flowers Growing "Wishes"

Joy Flowers Growing "Wishes"

This kit pairs six varieties of flowers with the sentiment tied to its beauty {sunflower/friendship, pinks/strength, forget-me-not/love, daisy/clarity, lavender/happiness, zinnia/joy}. These flowers are special not only for their innate and simple...
Quick View Gourmet Salad Pocket Garden

Gourmet Salad Pocket Garden

All the parts necessary to create a delectable gourmet salad {spicy greens mix, all gourmet lettuce mix, deep purple bunching onions, pencil carrots and bite-sized tomatoes}. Home-grown vegetables have a freshness and texture seldom found in commercial...
Quick View Edible Flowers Pocket Garden

Edible Flowers Pocket Garden

A collection of beautiful yet edible flowers that add a new dimension to the art of cooking {anise hyssop, signet marigold, Johnny-jump-up, mixed nasturtiums, and garland chrysanthemum}. The use of flowers in the kitchen is not new but the interest in...
Quick View Wine Lover's Pocket Garden

Wine Lover's Pocket Garden

A collection of organic culinary herbs carefully chosen to compliment your culinary skills and fine wine selections {Greek oregano, basil bouquet, garlic chives, English thyme, Italian parsley}. A great gift for her, Valentine's Day, or any wine lover...
Quick View Scatter Butterfly Habitat Garden

Scatter Butterfly Habitat Garden

Imagine a yard of delicately floating colors gently landing on the alluring flowers that call out to them. This is the Butterfly Garden experience! The Butterfly Scatter Garden offers a collection of the most alluring flowers for attracting butterflies...
Quick View "Thank You" Garden in A Bag

"Thank You" Garden in A Bag

Thank You {Zinnia} Grow dwarf zinnias in a windowsill or any sunny spot indoors, year-round, directly in the leak proof bag. Zinnias are easy to grow beautiful plants with multi petaled flowers that bloom in a variety of bold colors. A growing...
Quick View Lavender Garden in A Bag

Lavender Garden in A Bag

Grow fresh Lavender {Lavandula angustifolia} in a windowsill or any sunny spot indoors, year-round, directly in the leak proof bag. The leaves are intensely aromatic right from the start and said to have a relaxing effect. The flowers are edible and...
Quick View "Colonel Hathi" Elephant Garden Swinger

"Colonel Hathi" Elephant Garden Swinger

Introduce a touch of whimsy to your outdoor space with our Elephant Swinger. This outdoor ornament, designed by world-renowned artist Heather Goldminc, is a testament to over 20 years of dedication to handcrafted and hand-painted ceramics. Its unique...
Quick View Cow Garden Swinger

Cow Garden Swinger

Elevate your outdoor space with the rustic charm of the Cow Garden Swinger. This delightful garden ornament combines the gentle grace of a cow with the soothing motion of a swinger, creating a captivating centerpiece that exudes tranquility and...
Quick View Pink Marbleized Vase

Pink Marbleized Vase

Bring the beauty of pink into your home as the perfect accent to a table, flowers, or even pencils! Opening Size: 3.75" Material: Ceramic Dimensions: 4.0 x 4.0 x 5.75 Imported
Quick View Hideaway Pots

Hideaway Pots

$41.25 - $43.50
With a two tone neutral base, the Hideaway Pot's woven rattan detailing around the top and rim feels globally inspired. Material: Ceramic  Measures approximately: Small: 6.75"W x 6.75"L x 5.5"H Large: 8.75 x 8.75 x 7.5 Imported
Quick View Mini Metal Birds

Mini Metal Birds

The cute Mini Metalbirds are a great addition to a garden, or home for an eternal addition to your escape in nature. Made in our signature 11-gauge Corten Steel. They say good things come in small packages, and now we are giving you the chance...
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