New Product Inquiries

Thank you so much for your desire to be a part of the Restrained Whimsy family. We love our artisans and the unique stories and creative products each brings. 

Each item in our store is carefully selected for its story, uniqueness, and artistry. Our team literally tries everything from the chocolate to reading each book before a final selection is made for the store.  

Additionally, we want to support the artists in the store as much as we can. For that reason, we do not bring in artists who are “doing” the same artistry as another. We want to celebrate and honor our artisans without the pressure of comparison. 

While our process seems slow to some, it allows us to make sure we are in love with our choices as much as we know our guests will be also. Our selection process takes approximately 3-6 months depending on the item. Please note that currently, due to the high volume of submissions, our first response time is approximately 2 weeks.

If you are interested in having your work sold in our store, please submit your work and all supporting information to for consideration.  Submissions are only accepted through this process.

We are not able to accept in-person presentation in the store due to time limits. Online submissions through "Contact Us" will not be accepted or read.