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Quick View Lottie Fairy Bunny Book

Lottie Fairy Bunny Book

Dancing through the daffodils.Lottie The Fairy Bunny is a joyful story about a fairy bunny who loves to dance. Follow Lottie as she twirls through the day with all of her garden friends. A hardcover book filled with beautiful pictures, perfect for...
Quick View Are You My Monster?, Board Book

Are You My Monster?, Board Book

In "Are You My Monster?", the monster-loving boy from "I Need My Monster" tries to find his monster.  He compares his drawing‚ showing a green monster with a long tail, pointy nails, and big teeth‚ with an assortment of amusing monsters,...
Quick View The Gay Icon's Guide To Life

The Gay Icon's Guide To Life

If life had its own GPS system, navigating it would be a far less stressful slog. Alas, we suffer this pothole-filled dirt road alone… guideless. Thankfully, there’s one thing more knowledgeable and dependable than a GPS, and that’s a...
Quick View Pirate Multi-Tool

Pirate Multi-Tool

The Pirate Multi-tool is the tools for the job. Handy for when you have common day-to-day jobs, and is small enough to have with you wherever you go. Keep it on your keychain, in your wallet, or in your glove compartment. Tools make cool mens, womens,...
Quick View William Morris Compton Pocket Journal

William Morris Compton Pocket Journal

Compton was the last wallpaper William Morris designed. It was designed specially as part of a Morris & Co. project to redesign Compton Hall in Wolverhampton. Like many Morris & Co. designs, it was a collaborative effort. John Henry Dearle's hand...
Quick View Golden Buddha Journal

Golden Buddha Journal

Like in many other statues of Buddha, the spiritual leader is shown in the lotus position used in meditation. As one of the basic teachings of Buddhism, meditation is a way of gaining insight into one’s mind and achieving inner calm. The practice...
Quick View Chasing Dreams

Chasing Dreams

The words in this adorable all-ages picture book are here to awaken the dreamer in all of us. They are reminders of the magical way dreams create opportunities, stretch horizons, and give us a glimpse into our vast potential. A follow-up to the...
Quick View Feeling Grateful

Feeling Grateful

Follow a wonder-struck bear cub on a day of adventure that includes dancing in the rain, gazing at gophers, and attempting handstands on the forest floor. Every page of this heartwarming book is an invitation to slow down, look around, and fully...
Quick View Vault of the Milan Cathedral Journal

Vault of the Milan Cathedral Journal

The Duomo di Milano represents the pinnacle of Italian Gothic architecture. The drawing recreated here is part of a series proposed by the architect Paolo Cesa Bianchi for the decoration of the interior vaults of the Cathedral. The soaring arabesques...
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