Strange Gent

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Quick View Santa's Lap Candle

Santa's Lap Candle

Experience 'Santa's Lap' Candle - the perfect blend of nice and naughty for the holiday season. Crafted with care, this was the very first Strange Gent scent, dedicated to adults who deserve a treat under the tree. With top notes of cinnamon and heart...
Quick View Desert Motel Nights Candle

Desert Motel Nights Candle

Introducing 'Desert Motel Nights' Candle - a heartfelt tribute to the enchanting Joshua Tree. Breathe in the magic of open spaces and starlit desert skies, all captured within this scent. With top notes of spice, heart notes of desert soil, and a base of...
Quick View Corduroy Candle

Corduroy Candle

Experience 'Corduroy' Candle - a journey through the essence of Fall. From the lingering warmth of Labor Day to the festive spirit of the holidays, this scent captures the full spectrum of autumn. With top notes of spice and tobacco, heart notes of...
Quick View Strange Gentleman Candle

Strange Gentleman Candle

The embodiment of our namesake and the essence of individuality. This scent is the anthem, a symphony of swagger, sensuality, loss, and yearning. With top notes of vetiver and heart notes of patchouli, complemented by base notes of suede and tobacco bay...
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