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Quick View Tahitian Black Pearls

Tahitian Black Pearls

$148.00 - $628.00
Classically distincitve, these exquisite Tahitian South Sea pearls have been handpicked for their radiant luster. Dressed for a night out, or paired with jeans and a white t-shirt. The perfect answer to any fashion question. Earrings Black Tahitian...
Quick View Brown 5-Slot Watch Box

Brown 5-Slot Watch Box

The Five Slot William Watch Box offers utility and elegance combined, making it the perfect accessory for the watch aficionado. This watch box features a vintage brown wood and a luxury suede-lined interior enriched by polished hardware to ensure that...
Quick View Columbian Fan Hoop Earring

Columbian Fan Hoop Earring

The Sinú (Zenú) people emerged into present-day northern Colombia. Numerous important Sinú settlements supported a large community of goldsmiths who specialized in the creation of nasal ornaments and filigree ear ornaments, in...
Quick View Healing Crystal Stretch Bracelets

Healing Crystal Stretch Bracelets

Genuine Crystal Bracelets are gorgeous and vibrant 6mm crystal beads on a stretch band. Crystal Gemstone bracelets are wonderful tools for manifestation: Happiness, Prosperity, Well Being, Good Luck, Creativity, Success, Protection, Love, Intuition and...
Quick View Cypriot Shield Earrings, Post

Cypriot Shield Earrings, Post

Our classical distinctive jewelry is inspired by the art of ancient Greece and Italy. The formal symmetry and simple elegance of classical Greek and Roman jewelry evolved during the Hellenistic period into more lavish designs. The Etruscans of central...
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