This Is Us

Restrained Whimsy was founded in 2015 as an aspiration of something Brian and Scott would do together. Coming from the medical and scientific background, Brian tends to be more reserved. Scott on the other hand comes from visual design, fine jewelry, and styling, which lends itself more often to whimsicalities. Restrained Whimsy was a perfect blend of us both.

"What does Restrained Whimsy even mean?" To us, it means a place where a balance of logic and play are equally celebrated, honored, and embraced. Practically, have you ever been whimsically selecting warm cookies to eat and thought to yourself, “No, I’ll just have three for the moment and maybe another later.”  Restrained Whimsy at its best! Should you really restrain your whimsy when in the store? That’s an entirely different question!

Bringing classically distinctive gift ideas we have loved, or discovered in 20 years together, into one location was just part of our plan. Equally we wanted to empower local artists, when possible, in support of their dreams.

Moreover, we wanted gifts that also give back to the community and causes we believe in together. The only logical place for Restrained Whimsy was Studio City, our home for the past 2 decades.