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Quick View Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace, 18"

Tahitian Black Pearl Necklace, 18"

Classically distincitve, these exquisite Tahitian South Sea pearls have been handpicked for their radiant luster. Dressed for a night out, or paired with jeans and a white t-shirt. The perfect answer to any fashion question. 18" Black Tahitian Drip...
Quick View "Only Accepting Blessings" T-Shirts

"Only Accepting Blessings" T-Shirts

OAB. Be open to "Only Accepting Blessings" every day!This brand wants to present to you only good vibes and the best for our customers. Feel inspired while wearing this TShirt! T-Shirt, Unisex 100% Cotton Style: Crew Neck,...
Quick View Emerald Bead 17 inch Necklace

Emerald Bead 17 inch Necklace

This beaded necklace is an essential to the modern jewelry box. Wear this enchanting green strand of emeralds alone, layered, or with a pendant. Fastens with a lobster clasp. Emerald birthstones are the perfect gift for...
Quick View The Scorpion Multi-Tool "12-in-1 tool"

The Scorpion Multi-Tool "12-in-1 tool"

Remember, the first rule for buying any multi-tool - "The best tool in an emergency is the one you have with you."   The Scorpion Multi-tool is the ultimate in wicked looking pocket tools! With at least 12 different functions, and amazing style, it...
Quick View Batik Sarongs

Batik Sarongs

Traditional Indonesian Batik Style. The traditional style of Batik from the island of Java involves the time consuming and painstaking process of applying wax in a series of tiny dots and finely detailed geometric patterns amid carefully drawn leaves and...
Quick View Silver Isadora Compact

Silver Isadora Compact

You should feel special and beautiful, even when grabbing one last look. 3"Dia x 0.5"H Contemporary intricate silver finished pewter branch patterned face, adorned with hand-set clear European crystals. Opens up to reveal double-sided mirror, with one...
Quick View Gold Clover Ring Holder

Gold Clover Ring Holder

When you are taking your rings off...the place you put them should be equally special. 4” Dia. X 3.25”H Inspired by the historic quatrefoil design—a decorative element utilized in architecture and the arts for millennia. Gold finished...
Quick View Silver Mora Ring Holder

Silver Mora Ring Holder

When you are taking your rings off...the place should be as special as the ring itself. 4.25” Dia. x 3.25”H Silver finished pewter peacock feather pattern, encrusted with hand-set clear European crystals. Embellished with white cat’s...
Quick View Luxury Spa Robes

Luxury Spa Robes

Pure comfort and luxury, this robe is clearly different from the moment you touch it! You must feel it to believe it but be careful. Once you put it on, you won’t want to take it off! Choose from the following hues: White Steel Blue Pink One...
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