Big Bourbon Beard Gift Set, 3 pieces


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Introducing the Big Bourbon Beard Gift Set - Because your beard deserves nothing but the best!

You've embarked on a journey of bearded magnificence, and with that noble pursuit, you require a grooming regimen that matches your commitment. Duke Cannon understands this and presents the Big Bourbon Beard Gift Set, a trio of essential beard care products designed to transform your unruly facial hair into a distinguished symbol of masculinity.

What's Included:

1. Big Bourbon Beard Wash: This Beard Wash is your first line of defense in taming that wild mane. Infused with a hint of actual Buffalo Trace Bourbon, it's a masculine, woodsy elixir that cleanses your beard without stripping it of essential oils. Say goodbye to the days of a dry and coarse beard, and welcome the era of soft, touchable facial hair.

2. Big Bourbon Beard Oil: Every epic beard requires proper nourishment, and that's where the Big Bourbon Beard Oil comes into play. A carefully crafted blend of premium ingredients, enriched with the alluring scent of oak barrel-aged bourbon, this oil promotes beard health by moisturizing, softening, and preventing unsightly beard itch. Embrace the luxurious sheen and delightful fragrance as your beard becomes a true masterpiece.

3. Big Bourbon Beard Balm: Your beard's crowning glory, the Big Bourbon Beard Balm, is the ultimate finishing touch. This exceptional balm, also featuring a hint of real Buffalo Trace Bourbon, provides the hold and shaping you need to craft your beard into a work of art. The woodsy, oak barrel scent enhances the experience, ensuring your beard smells as magnificent as it looks.

Duke Cannon takes pride in using premium, all-natural ingredients, and never compromising on quality. With this beard grooming set, you'll not only elevate your facial hair game but also enjoy the satisfying feeling of indulgence and luxury that your beard deserves.

Give the gift of Big Bourbon Beard Gift Set to yourself or a bearded friend who understands the importance of maintaining a majestic beard. It's time to embrace your role as the guardian of your facial forest and let the Big Bourbon Beard Gift Set help you achieve beard perfection. Get yours now and relish the journey to a more distinguished, well-groomed, and confidently bearded you.