Malibu Sour Pineapple Gummy Bears, Organic + Vegan

California Gummy Bears

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California Gummy Bears Newest creation! 
  • Made with Real Pineapples grown in California, you will taste a gummy bear like no other! So sweet, so natural, you will feel like you have just eaten the perfectly ripe fruit with a sour kick, on the beach of Malibu! Truly unique candy that you will find hard to share. It's SO good!
Once you try ours you won't go back. It's SO good!
  • Organic, Vegan, Plant-based sour Pineapple Gummy Bears! With newly designed packaging specifically for our Organic gummy bears is fully sustainable! 
  • Our Gummy Bears are inside a newly designed resealable Kraft bag. We have worked tirelessly for over a year to create a bag that is not only Sustainable but also compostable AND biodegradable!
  • Premium Luxury candy that is Healthier and all natural. Inside this ultra lux gold foil stamped tube.
  • Vegan
  • Organic