Venezuela, Patanemo 70% Dark

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We've loved exploring the depths of Venezuelan cacao for years, and are excited to finally bring you our very first production bar from the Patanemo region!

Originally founded by runaway slaves, the village of Patanemo in Venezuela is derived from "paz tenemos" which means "we have peace." The trees grow at high elevation on a steep incline, unusual for cacao which normally grows in dense canopy in valleys. Patanemo particularly stands out for its complex yet familiar chocolatey flavor.  Exported by Tisano Cacao, whose dedication to quality and the farmers is as strong as ours.

  • Tasting notes: fudge, almond, blackberry
  • Ingredients: Cacao beans, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic cocoa butter
  • Kosher Information: Parve
  • Vegan
  • Less than five people touch this between the time it is a bean and the time it is a bar.
  • Made locally